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This publication, edited by Joseph P. Duffy, S.J., contains a series of oral histories originally conducted by Willard de Lue of the Boston Globe in April 1945. During the interviews, United States Army Chaplain, Major John J. Dugan, S.J. details his…

This publication contains biographical narratives, data, and oral histories of New England Province Jesuits who served as Chaplains in the United States military during the Second World War.

Between 1942 and 1945, a Boston College Jesuit named John Patrick Foley (1904-1995) kept a diary of his experiences as a Navy chaplain in the North Africa and Pacific theaters of war. He wrote about the soldiers and sailors he came to know and…

This publication, edited by Joseph P. Duffy, S.J., contains the memoir of Louis J. Gallagher, S.J. Written in the early 1960s, the memoir largely focuses on the 15 months Fr. Gallagher spent in famine-stricken Russia as Assistant to the Director of…
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