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This publication contains biographical narratives, data, and oral histories of New England Province Jesuits who served as Chaplains in the United States military during the Second World War.

The Sociorum Dubiorum identifies twenty-eight individuals who may have been Jesuits.

The Index Totius Volumnis identifies the text’s original pagination.

The Geographia Vocationalis includes a list of the places of birth of deceased Jesuits, arranged by continent, country, and city.

The Florilegia provides the names of Jesuits distinguished by their holiness or their ecclesiastical rank.

The Elenchus Scriptorum identifies former Jesuits who distinguished themselves in the order.

The Conspectus Numericus identifies the total number of Jesuits in the world for a given year.

The Alba Russiarefers to the Jesuits who lived in White Russia between 1793 and 1820 and died in the Society of Jesus. It is followed by an alphabetical list of Jesuit writers.

The Addenda identifies additional information, including corrections, about the text.

Biographical data about Jesuits who died between 7 August 1814 and 30 September 1970. The data often includes a Jesuit’s date and city of birth, his year of entrance into the order, his date of final profession, and his province affiliation at the…
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